30 martie 2017

Movie of the Day: Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

1h 51min | Drama | 29 October 1955 (USA)

Director:  Nicholas Ray
Writers: Stewart Stern (screen play), Irving Shulman (adaptation)
Stars: James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo

Memorable Quotes

Jim Stark: I woke up this morning, you know... and the sun was shining, and it was nice, and all that type of stuff. And the first thing, I saw you, and, uh, I said, "Boy, this is gonna be one terrific day, so you better live it up, because tomorrow you'll be nothing." You see? And I almost was.

Jim Stark: Nobody talks to children. 
Judy: No, they just tell them.

Buzz Gunderson: You know something? I like you. 
Jim Stark: Why do we do this? 
Buzz Gunderson: You've gotta do something. Don't you?

Jim Stark: You can wake up now, the universe has ended.

Frank Stark: We give you love and affection, don't we? Well, then, what is it? Was it because we went to that party? Well, you know what kind of drunken brawls those kind of parties turn into. It's not a place for kids. 
Mrs. Carol Stark: A minute ago, you said you didn't care if he drinks. 
Mrs. Stark, Jim's grandmother: He said a little drink. 
Jim Stark: You're tearing me apart! 
Mrs. Carol Stark: [shocked] What? 
Jim Stark: You, you say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again! 
Mrs. Carol Stark: That's a fine way to behave! 
Mrs. Stark, Jim's grandmother: Well, you know who he takes after.

Jim Stark: If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. If I felt that I belonged someplace. You know?

Jim Stark: [sitting down, hugging his father's legs helplessly] Help me! 
Frank Stark: Look, Jim. You can depend on me. Trust me. Whatever comes, we'll, we'll fix it together. I swear it. Now Jim, stand up. I'll stand up with you. I'll try and be as strong as you want me to be. Come on.

Jim Stark: I don't know what to do anymore. Except maybe die.

Judy: I love somebody. All the time I've been... I've been looking for someone to love me. And now I love somebody. And it's so easy. Why is it easy now? 
Jim Stark: I don't know; it is for me, too.
Judy: I love you, Jim. I really mean it. 
Jim Stark: Well, I'm glad.

[Looking up at stars in a planetarium] 
Jim Stark: Once you been up there you know you've been someplace.

Ray Fremick: Do you go by another name? 
Plato: They call me Plato. 
Crawford Family Maid: He was a Greek philosopher. They 
[Plato turns away]
 Crawford Family Maid: You talk nice to the man, John, he's going to help you. 
Plato: Nobody can help me.

Plato: I used to lay awake in my crib at night and listen to them fight. 
Jim Stark: Can you really remember back that far? I can't even remember what happened yesterday.

Jim Stark: I don't think I want anything, I'm nervous. 
Frank Stark: My first day of school, I was so nervous, Mother made me eat so much, I couldn't swallow until recess.

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