My Poetry (English Version)

Ivan Aivazovsky - Ship in the Stormy Sea (1858)

I miss...
(Mi-e dor...)

I’m lookin behind and lo, a tear-drop goes trickling
Like that beating of water whichs yet unceasingly flowing,
I miss that place where grew up I as a child
Cos quickly and fast all those years have passed...

I miss so much that field, often blossomed,
Also that realm which in my soul is forever nestled;
From live seasons I recall that hallway
Where my dear mommy... was caressing her baby-honey...

Among those tall locust trees, I can sight yet my daddy
And into my heart come in waves sighs assailingly,
I miss that place where was the nature singin to me
When thousands of sweats were painted on my brow by the azury...

When the eve would have comprised that rusty fantasy
Comin nourished within me that longing blown by the wind softily,
Out of me comes about that of the rediscoverings voice soft
Cos this sweet recollection is all Ive got now left...


I’ve cut up a piece from me
(Am decupat crâmpei din mine)

Ive cut up a ridge of a star
In your hair, dear mommy, so I can set
On it a rose of that velvet dear
So I can on your pale face adorn it,

At dawn a drop of dew
From far distances, I picked -
Cos that life given to us by you
A present is from that chosen gift;

Yes I remember... a childess I was
And you watched for me my first step,
Now Im smiling, turning over a leaf
From those recollections there left.

I miss those two hands
That gently were touching me on brow,
Its so cold outside and again it rains
When the melancholy within me shall grow,

Ive cut up a piece from me,
So in my soul, mom, I can raise
Erecting from toil and sighs to be
A bridge, so I can tell you: "Thanks!"


Requiem (in memory of my dear daddy)
(Recviem [în memoria tatălui meu drag])

Ive lost my soul
so long lookin for you...
rummaging through all the vales
trying to measure the sea
by each tear from me,
of pain...
and I didnt find you, dad...
either there in the depths of the water,
or on the summits of mountains,
cos you were existing within me
through me...
in each and every cell of my body
throbbing yourself from your blood...
...through my humble veins, you see...


In all you are, though all you pass
(În toate eşti, prin toate treci)

Is soflty blowing the wind through paths
And looking for enlivin is there the grass,
In all you are, through all you pass
When I timidly sip that dew which late is...

Out of that shadow building me anew
Are born silences in empty valleys,
So that my blood is sternly throbbing to view;
Through my veins they flow like burning torches...

If I dont come, Ill shake down myself
Powdering fantasies over a carpet
Soothly Ill bear your thought
Singing shall-I be with the nature, in duet...


I am...

I am alive
And instead of dust
I put on me as clothe the itself time,
In the deaths way Im submissive
And silent I remain.


Out of one being we get conceived
(Noi dintr-o fiinţă zămislim)

From delicate gales
You come resonating with me with dew flakes
That have given birth to so many summers
And the both souls;

By your dream you comprise me
For out of one being weve got conceived
And in the nights charm youll wrap me
So we can get like in palms the time stopped;

I was too proud to look for you,
Too cold to forget you,
For my universe is you -
My being lies in you...


O, daddy
(O, tată)

Why your silence pains me
And the night’s veil is murky,
Why doesnt the light throb really
When among the angels I cognize you?
Why dont you come so we can wander
Through that green realm you left,
Why dont you come up so we can gather,
Among the dew, some fruits in twilight?
The nature singing is to the ones gone,
Weaving their faces out of ruins anew
And the trees fell down,
O, daddy, they miss you!


I’’ll leave you but...
(Nu-ţi las...)

I’ll leave you as gift but that silence
Which forever shall spell my love,
Cos pain is that worth of the sacrifice
Which in this world youll know...

Ill leave you as gift but only that thrill
That through my whole being comes crossin,
Could it be ever... sweet that yen,
When within a heart it’s beatin?


Being lost

Out of the night’s lap I’m comin’
Though that forest of finding-again,
So I can be among the boughs buildin
A lighthouse unto the happiness way;

My eyes are crucified onto sky lines,
In me is born that impotency
Unwaved into thousands of paths
When my desire is thirsty;

Im just a soul quite tired
My body is teared up by rains
Cos the wind blows itself lost, 
Pining that road between us;

I dont beg from the abyss to be towards me
An eternal realm for ruling,
Nor from the ocean to know and see
That into the dust the love shall find its ending;

I can live due to that dream which binds us,
Due to that dew of the time lone-singular
Which forever shall unfasten the silence
Unto the deaths lily, the ephemeral...


Within you there’s my being whole
(În tine mi-e fiinţa toată)

Your purpose of live is you should build for me
In the way everlasting symphonies,
By just a fondling youre sowin me
Among the portions of frenzies,

Within you theres my being whole,
By you my step gets quite alive -
Its all I know this time for sure
And all Id like as forever to wis my mind,

Through you Im renewing my life
And youre stealin my breath by a kiss.
What could I give you in my turn maybe,
When my speaking is voiless like this?


In you lies my whole being all
(În tine mi-e fiinţa toată)

You have that mission to build for me
In my path everlasting symphonies,
By just a fondling you to plant me
Among fragments of freesialike-frenzies;

In you lies my whole being all,
With you my step is one alive,
Thats all I know this time for sure
And all Id like to know for all the while;

Through you my life Ill make new
And youre stealing my breath by a kiss,
What could I give you as present to you,
When my tongue is now so voiceless?


Smash in your palms the sunrise
(Striveşte-n palme răsăritul)

Smash in your palms the sunrise
Like on the first day, so it can cleave itself apart,
Cos by love, the sunset raised
Its courage to lift up...

A running flood is our fire though our veins,
That moments thrill has set us on fire,
Youre that wax-seal from our eyelashes
That comprised the cold time...

Go and like a tailor cut up that high way
When the Moon looks for revivin just herself,
Then go and kiss that gentle breeze declined away,
So its shadow can lure us, itself...


To you...

At the hour when you’ll hoe up
Some heavy words, speaking them to me...
Shall I be vanished on the first star high up
From the black thorns youre sowin for me...


Have-you seen such a marvel... (Pastel)
(Văzut-ai o minune... [Pastel])

Have-you seen such a marvel,
A floating one through streams,
For the Sun is settin its fall
Through those rain drops -

A kingfisher runnin is,
Painted all in rainbows
As to wipe up that murkiness,
Itself carried by a breeze;

The silence is our voice
Ceased there over the plain
And consecrated our step is,
Broken by that live ray;

Only the wind is there blowin on the skyline,
The nightingale sings
When the poppies colour give
And the stubble field delights...


On my old alley
(Pe vechea mea alee)

Full of live the park is,
Abounding in its coolness,
Shaking down the tree is,
When a flying creature passes,

Im looking at everything giving birth
There on my old alley,
When the Sun floods
By rainbows its azury;

With golden eyelids
Seem those flowers, queens,
And sprightly gales
Scatter them, divines;

Full of melody is that trice
Which harvests seconds,
The nature blows its voice
Over all of the rain waves...


Painting eternity
(Pictând eternitatea)

Gets closed the skyline by raindows,
Gets gathered the life among copses,
Out of gentle sound on alleys
Breathing are the little rain drops,

Resounding are in serenades some waves,
Borne by that of the night clearcrystal,
A voice echoes madrigals
Giving birth within us to the coral,

Below those mysterious copperlike eyes
Are draining those myopic experiences,
Youre a parfume of freesialike-frenzies
And the live ray on eyelids;

My love wishes to immure you,
Vibrating unto the mysterious zenith,
The land awaits to get stonelikely dumbfounded too,
Tired, beneath the nights eyelid,

Lost I am in the nook
And slowly echoes me that voice of the night,
Under the sky black... so transient,
Only you, my loved lover, are with me left...


Why... ?
(De ce... ?)

Why the trices are boundaries
To our love there on the far distances,
Why are so bitter my hours
And why is my path so scattered on the horizons?

Why am I so defeated by sighs
And why a whole cold century is separatin us,
Why the distance up to you is
Thus a little drop of those vain evens?

Why are my eyes so in tears
And my heart by such a miss is weeping
When the horizons flow away in pains
Across that sweet silence which round me is pinching?


Precious recollections...
(Scumpe amintiri...)

The sping unceasingly flows
When the trices may be passed easily,
The crucified time remains
And I forget that everything shall die eventually...

I remember the place where
We, the little ones of that time, were gathered,
I feel how into my heart is going to penetrate
That precious marvel I experienced,

I smashed on lips those little dew drops
Sipped from the floral frames,
Now its cold and again it rains,
Bygone are those hoar-frosts as crystals,

I wore within my soul the sacred place
Which I wandered each and every day,
That palace, on that space
With all my being I was wanderin away;

I was ardently wooing those paths
And the horizons were our unique glance
When we were drawin the timid Suns face,
Cos our playing was our love,

Like a hide-and-seek then it was beginnin,
Its echo thrills me, then,
When the nights net on us was watchin
We were dancin and was among the clouds the rain;

Gambolling we were underneath the purple sky
Like made of embers seemed those poenies
And with a golden smile
In our laps we picked up the cranes.

We stole a shoot of violet
From those blossomed fields
So that the mother gentle gift
Can give birth holy poems...

Then, takin flight were we towards
Our home, and sad, cause it passed away;
Beneath that moonshine we were in hopes
That morrow its a new day...

That voice of ours, since a while so dimmed,
Is fusioned now with the sunset,
This homage I brought
Cant find that sunrise left...


A beggar of everlastingness
(Cerşetor de veşnicie)

Why am I meant, as with longing to love you,
When that immortalitys star that out of you issued is
Drinks its glitter from the worldly ocean anew
In the sparky lilies cups that feed me from the ruins?

Why am I meant to get myself melted away into a kiss,
When tears of light comes oozed out,
Why should I sip from that everlasting trice, which in the past forgotten is,
When the everlastings summit is not meant for me to reach out?


The reverie of innocence
(Reveria inocenţei)

Myself wrapped in clothes of a spirit’s port
Out of the core of those linden flowers to pray,
Youre soothly comin out of thin air-ghost,
So you can take my sweet dream away;

Your step is cloudedlikely wreathed on you by lilies,
Your shadow is weaved with rainbows,
Youre chimerically sproutin out among thorns
Making the light jump on the alleys.

Youre sneakin through some nights weaved,
On that closed eyelid youre yourself pourin
So you can touch, there on the undefiled waters wave,
Some figments of roses glitterin;

With a mad voice it calls upon me
There in the poppies to clieve me apart,
Cos my being is unweavin within me
And vainly youre raising at...

He: Id like to be a snowflake,
So I can change into a rain,
So I can melt in your mouth into a lake,
Shedding myself on your body in drain.

She: O my sweetheart, of long while an envoy,
That cold cheek of mine you laved
When the fates flame into the abyssal cavity
Has drowned that mine desire blind;

He: Id like to be a whit dew drop
So I can slowly melt myself
And among those hands both
I can live forever;

She: Id like to be a freesialike-frenzy
Picked up on your face
And so from a step into eternity
I can be the chosen grace;

He: Id like to be a tiny butterfly,
So I can tangle myself into your hair,
Id like to sing for you like a cricket with belfry
Far from all is evilly insane;

She: Id like to bea kingfisher,
So I can whisper to you my love,
Over there above, on that summit higher
Where theres my pursuance;

He: O, you little drop of wine so innocent,
Come and wash me with thy veil,
For the deaths path for me is meant
And my life is there in vain;

She: Why dont you show up, my love?
Cos I am simply the one,
My paths are finite
And my yan cruelly burns me;

He: If Id be all these unceasingly
I’m the one among one thousand,
No matter how scared Id be,
A whole eternity separated us then;

She: I wished to be a remembrance only,
Carried by thy thought,
So I can be yours to immortality,
But my being is just earth.


Today I’ll paint the azure
(Azi voi picta azurul)

Today I’ll paint the azure
With thousands of gamboling colours,
Ill give birth to that contour
Out of silvery glitters.

Ill draw this scenery big,
The nature delighting it,
As gently flows the spring
When the birdiesre singing to it.

In silence Ill cross
The coppice through the dreams,
Where lonely Ill weave those
Written ones.

And Im gonna dance into the sea,
On the diaphanous mountain,
And if I float in the skylines lea,
My sunset shall be a bridge to fountain.

Today Im gonna build some backgrounds
With little drops of magic,
Some eternal madrigals
Weaved with the poetic...


Can it be me, maybe?
(Să fiu eu oare?)

I’ll nevertheless make a try,
Altough words you cant find,
Its just a simple question of mine -
Why do you love me my friend?

Why your light is itself unwavin’
Into thousands of threads... little things,
Why do you appear to me, o you sweet flamin
Burning yourself among the stars?

Why is my silence broken
When I can scarcely whisper to you,
Should I be that lyre delightin my man,
Should I be in all those and everywhere of you?

But all are due to that of mine blame
Cos youre the dream I experience
When your soul full of light unfade
Would sing like: "I love you, yes!"


I can find you within me, dad !
(Te regăsesc în mine, tată !)

On these cheeks benumbed by melted wax
Are trickling burningly cold tears,
Thats not that moment of olds
As you round here to pass.

On my burned eyelid you may sit
When the wind sounds of empty wavies
With that stealthy breath you may for me peep
That light of yours, as trice to evers.

The house is hollow without you
When theren the desert its breakin stars,
Could it be about that silence which keeps you
Like glittering yourself forever among these?

My dream is throbbin in the pain
And thousands of tears are dyin again,
Thats not that of my soul aim,
Breaking those nimbi that pain;

"Why are your eyes so sad?"
Like bedded in pains Im floatin among sighs,
"For you exist only within the heart,
I can find you within me, yes!"


We would remember...
(Ne-om aminti...)

We would remember sometimes, easily,
For I picked little dew drops,  
Some burning on lips and eyelashes really
When stars were on the window watchin us;

We would remember the white lilies
Born out of the purple of goodness
And sippin beverages of white clouds
On the train of the morns dress;

We would remember then the honey
In desert evens, innocent ones,
We would lose ourselves into a vanishing voice away,
From vague echos, undefiled ones;

Of everything we’d forget then
And the Moon in numbers is goin to sound,
We shall be pearl beads among cliffs then,
When the red Sun shall gather us round.


I love you, ray of light (Acrostic)
(Te iubesc, rază de lumină! [Acrostih])

Silent, you appear when the nights secret penetrates us,
Are you ever the first little drop from the gushing flows waves?

Some hearts would beat in us unceasingly, crushing the sunset so silent,
Fusioning some corollas eagerly, we gently lose ourselves without to mind,
The gale which greedily came laid - over the plains, its yet that high,
An Eden is my trice which I sip when the angels my heart raise,
And may that dead arm revive me if you comprise me by your lid,
Travelling across the wilderness when gently the Moon would let us drink;

Wanderers lost among temptations, were goin to follow the right path,
Burning ourselves in the loves flame, eternal thoughts would bear us,
Immuring the love within the silences, we would give birth to some emerald tears,
Deep my issuer is my faith and rays that gently upon me would bath;

If I would be a lily sowed among the stars, from that of yours innocent nimbus
I would ment myself among the pearl beads on that train of the undefiled brows dress;

Some lights would fight themselves theren the ether, paintin the sunset among whispers,
Ourselves forgotten we would gather there in the sunset, from those holy of night gales,
Magnificent celestial bodies would vibrate, when upon my soul they lie,
Irises shall water some sweet moments, which deeply watch our night,
Born beneath the ray thats snowin itself over the cortege of waves of velin-bright,
We gently hide our love there in a corolla of light...


May I flow myself on thy divine eyelashes
(Să curg pe genele-ţi divine)

Slowly my glance gets detached,
A stack of thoughts invades
When by the Moon in her arms youre comprised
Get born streams from where they raise,

Your calling is for me a nimbus
When the whispers I seem like sighs,
Just a trice, to change myself into this,
To flow myself on your divine eyelashes;

When Ill be a lost wandering wreath
And that burn trice by your miss,
Please be that second of mine stemmed,
So I can kiss slowly your eyelash;

Slowly my glance gets detached,
For only one trice if Id change myself
When the Moon in her arms hugs you slowed,
Your call is a nimbus to myself...


Could it be you, maybe?
(Să fii tu oare?)

Could it be you, maybe, a time wished
By some many crucified centuries,
Could it be you that flame on the zenith
And a lord to undefined paths?

Could it be you the chosen one,
Chosen by my soul so waste like wax,
Could it be ever you a fruit picked up,
Whilst over the vales the eve comes?

Could it be you, maybe, the caressing
Which search in tears to catch you,
Could it be you, maybe, also that silence-being
As well as a crushed yan to comprise you?

Could it be you, maybe, that nimbus of voice
Wrapped all in purple,
Could it be you, maybe, that step of mine,
A dream deep, eternal and alive?


For so many crucified centuries
(De-atâtea veacuri răstignite)

For so many crucified centuries
Through vaxed wings of emerald
Beneath masks of rusty leaves
Were vibratin to the horizons, toward.

Were beggin a few seconds of love
Were dreamin again on that train of the Moons dress
And little tear-drops, the happiness soul,
In thousands of years we pass.

Out of timid steps we weave some crystals
Sculptured by rain in the sparkling,
Were slowly running through centuries
Theren a drop of marveling...


The fairy-lady of the golden nights
(Crăiasa nopţilor de aur)

There on a star burnin’ in longing,
From little tear-drops youre passing
Some gold yearns and a feable thrilling
Which into the sweet charm youre both melting.

Your leg like a twig of tender
All the while is dreaming to the far distance
And that sweet face in which the stars appear
Looks deeply into the renounce.

From that holy lake which today waters you
Easily gets born a tale,
And the Moon gently buries anew
The Sun in an enigma smiling at you like wail.


You’re to me...
(Îmi eşti...)

You’re to me a burning lure
On a white trembling spring,
A forever-stagnant water
And a sweet whisper of loving.

Youre to me an adored demon,
That thill of mine meltin me,
The cold earth you walked on
Is no longer and forever one alien to me.

Youre to me a parfumed beverage,
I’m drinking you out of those trembling tears,
And that of yours innocent purple
Is for that tender angel a miss.

Youre to me that beloved one of copper
When the stars faintly wails you lone,
Youre to me that silence callin me over
And the dead one I close by my arm...


The last wish
(Ultima dorinţă)

I wouldn’t want to die like a derelicted lady
there in the silences arms,
Whisperin to me some yells crazy
on the forgetness lips.

I wouldnt want to fall asleep again charmed
there on the dreamings wing,
Bearing my cross of being-destroyed
in the desperations clothing.

I wouldnt want to disappear myself foamily whirled
in the sadness gloom,
Shadding to me some tears ephemeral
On that sweet cheek of the morn.


Don’t kill my tear-drop of pining
(Nu-mi ucide lacrima de dor)

Don’t kill my tear-drop of pining
With that of yours magnificent sheer face,
Just stifle those mysteries of mine paining
Cos youre whos stolen my dreams.
Dont finish for me of words
Your silence and desire,
Just comprise for me by sighs
Your love and bide.
It’s not meant to me to die
In murky thoughts,
But just help me to fly
Towards undefined paths...


The meanders of the dreaming
(Meandrele visării)

From that mysterious sunset a ray I’ve stolen,
So it can illuminate your frozen face of wax,
I whispered to the Moon to be for you a sacred dwellin
When the wind so lost blows to the West.

I begged the silence for you to be as a star on the skyline
From the mute infinite and the voice of the deaf sea
I squeezed from lilies a tear of pining-desire,
Cos the Sun is setting down and in my dream slowly you come to me...


Taken by the loneliness as a captive Miss
(Singurătăţii prizonieră)

Taken by the loneliness as a captive Miss
On the cushion some thoughts Im layin,
Afraid of that turnpike of the death
And tear-drops again flow and Im saddenin.

There in the whiteness of the walls cold
With that deep thrill of the eyes,
I dont even want to know you leave to-morrow,
You, my transient one in secrecy...


Shadows in the ether
(Umbre în eter)

From that weeping sunset,
On my lips gently to sit comes
A ray with sparklings of blood wet
Which mysteriously lightens some shadows.

And theren the air is throbbin the Moon,
When her face being so pale gets melted,
Of long forgotten is the storm
And its specter makes me comforted.

The sky gets closed there in the ether
And I get slowly reborn out of a sigh,
The silence is that voice whereto I disappear
And subdued to the death... Im worshipin...



I’ve quenched that oil-candle of the oblivion,
I lulled that sweet eyelid,
By kindling the seas flame,
Your eye is dead and dozingly asleep.

I give voice to my mute desire,
Some wings to the melted flakes,
So they can kiss your cool brow of cold fire,
Those banished from Hell demons.

I oozed the dew out of the blind thirst,
And out of the chaos, our meeting-anew,
The sipping fire have I burnt,
The passions into immortality... 


The death’s voluptuousness 
(Voluptatea morţii)

Shuddering are some shinings, on my lips weepin’ is the horizon,
Theyre burning me in that infinite of the mute callings
And the dead face sips its disintegration,
When the blow is vibratin out of quenched vax-candles.

Heathenizingly-deafly is worshippin that of the despair nimbus,
When the deaths voluptuousness... defeats my lid
And as to change myself out of earth it’s not meant, yes,
Forever some silences shall be my tomb, to extol...


The fire of my heart
(Focul din inima mea)

Burning me up is that spring of flames so thirsted,
Burdening me again is that longing of love interrupted.

Are wandering in me in a dream words unceasingly,
Quenching me is there a fire for ages forgottened, really.

Burning me are those hopes gettin reborn and dyin
Im lost myself in the recollections and all are painin’.



What can the innocence be, maybe?

Its a mysterious gift untold,
A spring of mysteries undrained,
One forever clear and unstained,
An attire of gold untainted,
Everlastingly as one pure and adored,
A sweet mystery of magic charming,
Like a flame forever living...


Like a stranger
(Ca o străină)

Like a stranger I’m looking for relieving
Here in this world with bounds constraining me,
And wandering away without a chance of hoping
On this path that lures me...

Like a stranger Im looking for an answer
In all and everything and I cant find any,
Its just a mystery not fathomed at all ever
I’m like even scared to look at it directly...

Like a stranger indeed Im myself sinking
In written disillusionments,
Easily I feel again how Im drowning
In an ocean of dreams...


Dancing in the rain
(Dansând în ploaie)

On a black and empty street
Confused I am and looking for the way,
Im awaiting the hope to revive me
With that deeply-devout ray...

Dancing in the rain so happy,
I’m claspin easily your arm,
You feel how its infinte ray
Hides within only that love of mine...


Mihai Eminescu - one who’s the essence of Romanian soul
(Mihai Eminescu – esenţa spiritualităţii româneşti)

You, immured within our hearts,
From lying there in heavens
Youre rising
The zeal of your dreams,
And love you were leaving...

You, the one with no luminaries,
Have been in this world pierced,
A lonely genius,
A remembrance,
A soul hollowed of happiness...

You, prematurely left to that everlastingness
Withered like a tulip in your short life, one very tough,
You, who made serene all those faces,
Left in our soul so much pain...

Only you, the eternal vesper Eminescu,
Imprinted forever and to evers
Just like an angel there in his celestial nook
We always shall know, we always shall say this:
Stay with us, now and for evers...


O, you tear-drop...
(O, lacrimă...)

O, you tear-drop from my dream, so ruthlessly
Youre my heart meltin by that emberless fire of yours,
Lost there in the abyss, immortal one really,
Youre blowin sweet-bitter flames.

O, you crazy game with little drops of emerald,
My mind steals those snowdrops tender,
So encharmed I get asleep into your nets that bathed
The nights mystery where you imbue.

O, you tear-drop burning yourself smilingly,
That beverage of your silent lilies stop drinkin,
Im to you but only a mortal fairy
Who stealsn your immortality that coral thrillin.   


Are passing by those blooded moments
(Curg clipele însângerate)

Are passing by those blooded moments
And there in the forest breezes are whizzing,
Crushed and thrilled silences
There on the brows lofty alley are crumblin;

From the air a mumbling of beatings
Looks to get cuddled theren the Nothingness,
So deeply are writhing two firing flames,
A breath fascinating and mysterious;

Im scarcely flushing the fluffy-softy carpet
And my step gets built at once;
By my palm which in my lap I keep,
Thrills occur to me, smashed by that fire gorgeous;

There afar is an entire world of mine,
The trice drives me towards the past,
And from a black chaos unfastens me,
Im thirsty to get reborn out of dust...


Seconds dribbling me the light...
(Secunde-mi picură lumină...)

Seconds dribbling me as light
And vague thrills are watchin my specter
Beneath that sweet eyelash of velin-bright
On my brow the raining comes to get its shelter...

Its so much silence within that Nonbeing
Which within cold tears is concealed,
Of long ago is forgotten my pining
Smashed in my thirst ungrasped...

And when it begins to get itself born
Out of that fates flame is whirling,
There is no eye as to wis somethin,
But a mystery deeply in folds is growing...

Seconds dribbling my garment
Are when in blazes they gather the whole breeze,
There in the air is writhing the tomb
And your eyes are my caress...


Just melt us together, you light !
(Topeşte-ne, lumină !)

Just melt us together, you light,
With those beams of yours deep
And dont be to us like an alien guest,
Like the water flowing through the cliff.

And dont quench yourself in silence,
From high horizons youre climbin down,
Into a drop of mysteries,
And by your severe eye youre measurin us now.

And just steal that sweet moment,
Banish away that of the pain hatred,
Deeply melt us together, you light,
The night-set Moon by echos would sigh.


The silence’s voice
(Glasul tăcerii)

The late night is sparkling on your roads,
Some murs* of light are in fight with smokes  [walls]
The dream luringly delighs you on the path,
The time of longing is meant for you to spend.

When the silences garment is a charmed attire for you
The Moons rays look like a parfumed crystal
And the thirsty star asks a looking-glass from you,
The lake cant feel her and sleeps in silence still.

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